Two weeks . . . and PLENTY to do!

I am not really panicked, however I probably should not spend a majority of  my time reading, napping or watching TV these next few days. 🙂  This next week is when I need to get the most hard work done – packing up my apartment, putting everything into a storage unit (with the help of some awesome friends!), and moving to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for my last week here.  Once I am at their house, it should be smoother sailing until I leave on the 2nd.

I found out my teaching city this past week.  Before, I tell you the exciting news, remember I’ll be in Quito for the first 3-4 weeks for WorldTeach orientation and will then travel to the city I will teach in for approximately the next 10 months.  The name of the city . . . Riobamba.  Could there be a more fun name for a city?  Click here to find out a little more about the city.  You can also look for it on the map on the right – click on it to make it bigger.  And, as many of you know, one of my big desires has been to be able to walk to work in Ecuador and I believe this might be possible in Riobamba.  Yay for small blessings. 🙂

You may be wondering about little Hannah since the emotional plea during my last post.  I am excited to say that I found a home for her!  A wonderful teacher (Mrs. Wilson) that I work (or worked) with, her dog-loving husband (Tom), and their super-cute 3rd grade son (Ian) are adopting Hannah during the time I am in Ecuador.  I must say, Tom has shown his loving heart for dogs throughout our communication during the past few months and I feel absolutely confident that Hannah will be loved and well cared for these next months.

One of my hardest upcoming days, however, will be this Friday when I take Hannah over to the Wilson’s house to drop her off to stay.  I’m not sure if it will sink in at the time, but know that after 11 years of loving her, walking her and living with her, it will be a tough adjustment.

It’s amazing how the days are going by so quickly!  As I get a few items for my trip during these next two weeks, something I definitely need to get are two host family gifts.  I will stay with a host family in both Quito and Riobamba.  I need your help in thinking of something to get each of the host families.

  • What would be a great gift to get for my host family that would represent St. Louis or the U.S.?
  • What would you want to get from a visitor from another country?  Why?

I look forward to reading your responses and getting some fabulous gifts.  Thanks again for reading! 🙂


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  1. What a wonderful home for Hannah to live in while you are away. I am sure Ian will enjoy her. Would a host family enjoy something with the Cardinal logo?

  2. First of all, Riobamba is Riverdance! You’re right, what a fun sounding name. So happy your puppy found a loving home. I can only imagiine how hard it will be for both of you. I will have to think more about the gifts to give your host families. I would probably like a couple of White Castles, but I don’t think they’d be much good by the time you get there:) Looking forward to your next entry. Thinking of you. Hasta luego.

  3. If they are sports fans, you could get them Cardinal gear. The St. Louis Cardinals are truly indicative of St. Louis.

    Riobamba – that is a cool name.

  4. I am so glad you have found such a great loving home for Hannah! What a huge relief!
    Cardinals gear would be my recommendation. Something light weight and easy to pack.
    Riobamba…it’s just fun to say!

  5. When I was in Italy this summer, one of the gals in my class was from Australia and she brought all of us a gift that said “Australia” and had kangaroos on it. I think of her every time I use mine. It’s a little zippered pouch that I keep inside my purse. I definitely think something that says “St. Louis” on it would be good choice…or even the Arch (and maybe the Cardinals, too). Let me know if you want help shopping! 🙂

    • Lynne . . . that’s a great idea! Let’s talk and maybe we can figure something out together. Thanks! And, be ready to organize and direct on Saturday, if you’re still up for the job of fitting everything in the storage units like a puzzle. I need your gift in this area! 🙂

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