A Day in My Quito, Ecuador Life


Hello wonderful friends and family!  As many of you know, I have successfully made it to Ecuador and am rounding out the first week of orientation in Quito with WorldTeach.  Here is a picture of Quito that I took during a bus tour of the city.  Huge, huh?  I thought I could run through a typical day (right now) in order to give you an idea of how my days have been spent so far.  Sound good?  Okay then, let’s begin. 🙂

6:30am: I wake up and get in the shower.  In my house in Ecuador, as in many other places in the world, I have an electric showerhead in order to heat the water.  Check out the picture.  I know that electricity and water don’t sound like a great combination, but it works and apparently there haven’t been too many tragedies thus far.  After showering, I get ready and head down to breakfast.  As I walk downstairs, I see this beautiful view from my bedroom.  It’s chilly out, so I need to bring a sweater or sweatshirt.

7:30am – I sit down for breakfast with my sweet host family, Susana, Gonzalo, and Maria Isabel.  I also eat with another WorldTeach volunteer who came in February because she lives here too.  Her name is Rachel and I like her very much.  We drink delicious juice such as banana/orange, passion fruit or tree tomato.  We also drink tea, eat bread and sometimes have cheese or an egg.  Breakfast is a light meal here.

8:00am – I leave the house to take a 20 minute bus ride and walk for about 25 minutes to the orientation site.  The group of 33 WorldTeach volunteers meet at Hotel Seis de Deciembre each day for our teaching sessions.  We are taught by our three amazing field directors, Kate, Tara and Lee, as well as other visitors that come to speak with us.  For example, we have had a nurse speak to us about health, a special agent from the Embassy talk to us about safety, and a previous WorldTeach volunteer speak to us about culture.

9:00am – We have two sessions in the morning.  These have included conversations about safety, culture shock, lesson planning, teaching in the target language, and more.

12:00pm – We head to lunch in Quito.  Usually we divide into groups of about 6 and find a place to eat.  Most restaurants in Quito have a set lunch menu as an option.  This means that you can order “El Almuerzo” and it will usually include soup, a main course, and dessert.  The price has ranged from $2.50 – $5.00.  In addition to the el almuerzo option, one can also order of the regular menu at the restaurant.

1:30pm – I go to the Spanish school for my one hour lesson.  I am in a class with 5 other volunteers and we have so much fun as we make mistakes learning Spanish.  We have a wonderful teacher and really enjoy the time.

3:00pm – We meet back at Hotel Seis de Deciembre for two more teaching sessions.  These have included insurance discussions, learning about the WorldTeach emergency action plan, purchasing cell phones, creating objectives for lessons, concept checking, diagnostics, and discussing classroom management.

6:00pm/6:30pm – We finish our session and head home.  I take one bus with two other volunteers and then another on my own.  I have not yet done this on my own because my host mom has gone with me each time, but I plan to try it solo in the near future.

7:30pm/8:00pm – I arrive home and get settled and do my Spanish homework.  I check email if I can and do a few other miscellaneous items.

8:00pm/8:30pm – Susana, Gonzalo, Maria Isabel and I eat dinner together.  (Rachel comes home around 9:00pm.)  Dinner can consist of delicious soup, bread, beans, or potatoes (so far).  After dinner we have tea and sit at the table and talk.  Oftentimes because my Spanish is weak, I start to tune out when they are having discussions.  Eventually, I notice that they are all looking at me because they have asked me a question and usually I figure out what they are asking by having them repeat the question.  Silly American.

10:00pm/10:30pm – I head upstairs to my bedroom and get my things ready for tomorrow, get ready for bed, and go to sleep.


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  1. I loved hearing about what you do throughout the entire day as well as the pics. It sounds like you are enjoying all the people you are meeting. That is nice of your host mom to take the bus with you. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience!!

    • Thanks Nicci! I am glad you enjoyed hearing about our packed days so far. 🙂 I hope you are doing well with your days as well. (You know what I mean, right?) And, yes, super nice for my host mom to go with me. However, yesterday I made it BOTH ways on my own! Yay for me! Talk to you soon. 🙂

  2. I love to hear you are doing so well. The view from your room looks amazing. What a great adventure. We talked about you in class the other day. I wish you could have heard some of the kids’ comments about your blog! They are definitely checking in with your journey. Keep the updates coming. I would love to hear how you spend the weekends.

    • Hola Pam! Thanks for your comment . . . and I am so glad that you read the blog to your class! How fun is that? I will keep posting as things come along, ok? Thanks for keeping in touch! Adios!

  3. Sounds like Avery busy schedule, Rachael! I am so glad you have a nice host family to come home to. I loved reading about your day. good luck with the Spanish, you are going to need it! Mary

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    • Mary – thank you for your comment! I totally agree that it is VERY nice to come home to a nice family . . . it makes a world of difference. And, as for the Spanish . . . yes, I need the well wishes becuase it is hard! Talk to you soon my friend!

  4. What a great idea to go through your days activities. I was wondering what they would be like. It sounds like you are kept busy and that the people there are making you feel right at home. Isn’t it interesting to see how things are done in other countries? I loved hearing about the shower head and how you take a bus and walk 25 minutes to get to your training. Good workout (at least it would be for me). Love your blog!

    • Kathy . . . .oh, how I miss our Spanish classes with Ann. I hope your new class is going really well. And yes, it is VERY interesting to see how things are done in Ecuador vs. the United States. So many differences. Needless to say, I am still adjusting quite a bit. Take care of you!

  5. Wow – Quintos is bigger than I expected it to be. That is nice that your house mom is making sure you get around safely. Sounds like you have a PACKED schedule. How is your Spanish coming along?

  6. Rachael, What a long day! How are you getting enough sleep? Thanks for the details–we can see you are well shepherded. And too busy to miss the U.S. That’s good. Please send pics of your host family.

    • Nancy . . . hello my friend! Sleep . . . yes, I am getting enough. Honestly, I feel like all I am doing is eating, going to orientation, and sleeping. Last night, however, I was exhausted (not surprisingly) and went to sleep at 9:00pm! My body must have needed it! Thanks for your concern. I hope you are well. I miss your sweetness.

    • Karen . . . first off, what are you doing up so early?!?! 🙂 Secondly, thanks for your nice comments . . . it is hard to keep a blog, but so good for me to keep up to date – so far. 🙂 I hope you are doing well . . . I miss laughing with you. I need some of your humor to keep me grounded! Hope to chat soon.

  7. You are a busy girl. The view of the city is beautiful. Now we should appreciate our warm showers. I can’t imagine not getting lost in a conversation in another language, but I know that you will do well. I think about you often and hope everything is going well.

    • Hello my friend! It is so good to hear from you. I miss you too and think of you often. I regularly think of you guys at Robinson and wonder how things are going. Keep in touch, ok?

  8. Rachael, it is so good to hear from you! Hearing about your adventure makes me miss the one I had this summer. Enjoy every minute of it…it will be over before you know it! Hope you are enjoying the Spanish classes. It will surely help you understand how your students are going to be feeling. Can’t wait to hear from you again!

    • Lynne . . . hola! I know you totally get it with the language adjustment! Argh. I will keep updating you guys as I have time and interesting things to share. Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  9. Hi Rachel! I can’t wait to show Harry your blog! Sounds like you are going through a true life transition with your journey! I am happy for you. I did that,too, but I was 39 with four kids! YIKES! If God brings you to it, he can lead you through it.

  10. Hi Rachael! I just found the link to your blog today, and I am reading it now. I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying it.

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