Firsts . . .


During my time in Ecuador, for the first time ever I . . .

*hung my clothes on a clothesline.

*saw someone reading the Wall Street Journal in Spanish.

*used U.S. Sacagawea dollar coins daily.

*lived at an altitude of 9,350 feet.

*commuted to and from work on a city bus.

*missed my bus stop and had to walk back to where I should have gotten off.  Then . . .

*learned how to politely push my way through people on the bus to get off the bus faster at my stop.

*drank hot chocolate with cheese.

*regularly put my cell phone in my bra. (It’s what we’re supposed to do for safety!)

*gave people the “evil eye” to deter them from taking my stuff.

*took Spanish lessons in a group of 6 . . . and loved it!

*drank a sweet milk drink with corn in it . . . it’s delicious.

*saw someone riding a motorcycle and pushing a bike alongside them.

*visited beautiful Calle La Ronda at night.

*ate soup two times a day (lunch and dinner).

*accidentally called The Three Bears the Three Eyes in Spanish. (tres osos vs. tres ojos)

*accidentally said I had an “old” stomach instead of a “full” stomach. (estomago vecio vs. estomago vacio)

*drank tea two times a day (breakfast and dinner) and dipped bread in it.

*rode the trole.

*visited a museum displaying Mayan art.

*visited the market and saw a butcher cut a goat in half and begin pulling out the organs. (Gross!)

*took a salsa dancing lesson (this was mandatory from WorldTeach!).

What are you wondering about my time in Ecuador so far?  Is there anything else you are interested in hearing about up until this point?  If so, please comment and let me know your thoughts . . . instead of hearing mine all of the time! 🙂  Thanks for reading today!


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  1. We miss you on Sunday but so proud of you for pursuing such an incredible experience!! I love reading all your posts. How is the altitude feeling, did it take time to adjust? How is the weather?

  2. You have had some interesting firsts Rachael! Hot chocolate with cheese?! How was it? I like your posts, you are doing a great job of keeping us in the know of what you are experiencing.
    Love, Shari

  3. Not much smells better than clothes hung on a clothes line outside to dry! Sounds like you are learning Spanish at warp speed, Rachael! Really, hot chocolate with cheese? like mixed in it?? Explica usted, por favor:) Keep up the good work on your blog. I look forward to hearing about your adventuress.

  4. Favorite post so far! Love hearing about you learning and experiencing so many new things. I am so proud of you. I can’t imagine you giving anyone the “evil eye”, maybe you could send us a picture of that sometime. Continue updating and learning and just enjoying this journey.
    Big hugs, Pam

  5. Salsa dancing – how fun! I bet you loved seeing the goat cut in half. I had to chuckle when I read that part. Sounds like you are doing a lot of “new stuff” that you never dreamed you would do. Do you feel like you are learning new stuff about yourself or tapping into a whole new part of you that was there … it just never had the opportunity to express itself?

    • Hola Roberto . . . I am glad that the goat comment could make you smile. 🙂 Yes, a lot of new stuff . . . that’s for sure. And, yes, I am learning new things about myself too . . . I’ll share more with you one of these days. I hope you are doing well my friend. Talk to you soon!

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