Tres Semanas en Ecuador


Buenas noches.

Some volunteers and I took the Teleferico up to 13,000 feet and saw Quito’s magnificence from a distance, as well as other natural beauty.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  This coming week is my last full week in Quito.  How quickly the time has gone.  I can hardly believe that I have been in Ecuador for 3 weeks.  I just told a friend the other night that it hasn’t hit me yet that I am living in Ecuador.  Silly, I know.  Maybe that reality will sink in one of these days.  You would think that being surrounded by a different language would help that reality sink in . . . but nope . . . not yet. 🙂

Last week, we began teaching English at a local high school.  I taught three different classes of 13 year-old students.  This has been a huge shift from my previous teaching experience with first and second grade students in the United States.  Plus, I have realized that while WorldTeach is doing a fabulous job in preparing us as English language teachers, it is rather challenging to teach English.  Our language is extremely complex and difficult, to say the least.

Speaking of languages, I am rounding out my fourth and final week of daily Spanish lessons.  Wow – has it been rough!  The other 5 students and I have a fun time together during our daily one hour class.  We also enjoy our teacher thoroughly.  However, our teacher pushes us HARD to learn more vocabulary and verbs, which has been discouraging at times.  I have definitely traveled through some “I will never be able to learn Spanish” thinking over the past few weeks.  With that being said, I ask you to hold me accountable to continue to try to learn Spanish.  I plan to sign-up for a class in Riobamba and your job is to follow-up with me and ask if I’ve done it!  Muchas gracias!

Right now it is difficult to think about my move to Riobamba and starting over again.  One of the hardest parts will be adjusting to a new host family.  I have loved my Quito family and will miss them greatly.  It is amazing to see how our relationship has begun and grown in such a short period of time.  My host family has opened their home to me and fully welcomed me into their family.  It has been a privilege to be a part of this family during my time in Quito.

It is fascinating to think that I am already moving into another phase of my Ecuador journey.  Please keep me in your prayers this week and next as I adjust to the many changes that are coming in the near future.  Please pray for safe travel as many of the volunteers head to their new sites.  As always, thank you so much for your support.  I appreciate it more than you can imagine!


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  1. Alright, I will ask you how Spanish class is coming along in Riobamba. Good luck with the move and with adjusting to your new family. Hugs and prayers, me 🙂

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