Bienvenidos a Riobamba!


Riobamba . . . here I am!

I arrived on Sunday afternoon and have S-L-O-W-L-Y started to settle into my new life for the next 10 months.  I begin teaching on Monday, November 5, so I have quite awhile until the first day of classes.  That makes things difficult right now because I have a lot of open time, along with so much “newness”. . . host family, city, friends, and school.  Basically, most of the things that encompass my life these days.  And I wonder why things are hard right now.

You: “So what are you learning during this time?”

Me: “Oh thanks, I never thought you’d ask.” 🙂


(This might sound familiar because it was one of the areas I worked on when I was trying find a home for my dog before I left for Ecuador.)

On Monday morning (a little more than 12 hours after arriving in Riobamba), I felt very unsettled.  Everything was new . . . which for me, was uneasy and not very fun.  I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know who I was living with at that moment.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like I knew much of anything right then.  Then Tuesday rolled around, and life was slightly better.  I knew everything a little bit more than the prior day.  Wednesday came and I started to feel slightly settled.  Yes, settled.  I had some routine and was developing a few comforts during the day. For example, the family has lunch at 1:00pm every afternoon.  And, while it felt like it had been a while that I had been unsettled in Riobamba . . . it has only been three days.  Patience, right?

As I look back on my month in Quito, I remember that it took me about two weeks to begin to feel settled and somewhat comfortable with my surroundings.  Again, I have only been in Riobamba for three days.  Therefore, my hope and prayer is that I remember to be patient and to trust that I will settle in during the coming days.  It might take about two weeks like in Quito, it might take less . . . but it might take more.  Eek.  So . . . I will be patient and keep learning along the way.


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  1. Oh, Rachael…you are facing changes at every corner and you are so right that it takes patience. I’ve been facing what seems like a year of changes (I guess God feels like I need the practice!) and he is teaching me that I am not in control…he is. I need to surrender (have a hard time with “that” word) daily to his plan and trust that it is best. The next few weeks will go by faster than you think they will and you will be settled in in no time. It’s so comforting to know than amidst all the changes, God is a never changing “constant” in our lives.
    Missing you…Lynne

  2. Turken! As I read your blog tonight Abraham came to my mind. He was comfortable in his life and then God challenge him to leave everything he knew and head to a place unknown. But we can be reminded at like Abraham, God is with us also. He is with you every step of your way. It is so awesome to see Gods plans unfold in your life and to see how He is using you for His good work. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. You are thought of a lot and I will continue to lift you up in prayer, that patience can become easier:). God bless you today and every day of your journey!


  3. Your “two weeks” rule is not a bad barometer. I remember the times that I have changed jobs and it has often taken the first couple of weeks to feel “settled in”. I remember when I changed jobs from Mastercard to Boeing and the culture shock going from a very upbeat, diverse work environment to a much less diverse, rigid, high-security environment. I remember one day when the reality of the change began to sink in that I actually wondered if I made the right decision and wanted to cry. Can you believe that??? A grown man wanting to cry in an all-male engineering environment??? It would not have gone over very well. Thank God I made it through the first couple weeks. Now I absolutely love, love, love my job and Boeing and the people He has surrounded me with. I could not imagine being anywhere else. I feel so genuinely, sincerely blessed. My hope and prayer is that when it is all said and done, you have a similar experience. Thanks for sharing. Keep me posted. Hugs, Rob 🙂

    • Rob . . . thanks for sharing your experience and similar thoughts regarding “two weeks.” 🙂 I will continue to be patient. And, in the midst of being patient, I hope to enjoy my days along the way as well. Thank you my friend.

      • Wow, I never realized that you responded to some of my posts. I guess I need to set up the blog page to let me know that you have posted a reply.

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