Let’s Take a Walk Together in Riobamba


Ok . . . are you ready to check out a few things in Riobamba?  Vamos!

Welcome to my bedroom! I sleep in the bed on the left. You are welcome to sleep in the bed on the right but you need to bring your own pillows!

Here is a view from the window in my bedroom.

Let’s take a walk to the central area of Riobamba. Grab your walking shoes!

We could take a taxi . . . but it’s a nice enough day for us to walk.

Here’s a typical corner store – or tienda. We can stop here to get snacks like soda, juice, candy, chips, ice cream, and more!

This is the building where my school is located. The school is called The University of San Francisco in Riobamba.

Here is the inside of my school. We can walk upstairs and look around. 🙂

Are you hungry? We can grab something to eat at the market across the street from the school.

How about some meat?

Let’s get a little more walking in. We can head down the street together. The big building with the clock is the post office.

Here’s the park. We can sit down and rest if you’d like.

Here is a cathedral near the center of town.

Would you like some pan? The bread here is always so tasty and fresh!

Here is a favorite treat I enjoy everyday. Yum!

As we walk in the front gate, feel free to grab a peach from the tree out front.

Here are our “guard roosters.” You’d be surprised at how attentive they are day and night by crowing at activity nearby.

After our walk around town, let’s relax by looking at the amazing view from outside my house. Hasta luego!


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  1. Hi there! David said that it reminded him of Santa Ana, seems peaceful. It looks like you are in the perfect place to visit 😉
    Hope you feel more settled now 🙂 We should skype one of these days.
    Un fuerte abrazo!

  2. What a fun tour! Your town is muy bonita y limpiar! How often do the guard gallos wake you? Do they have names? 🙂 too funny! Muy bien, mi amiga, take care and asta luego! 🙂

    • Wow! Look at you go with your Spanish! I understand your writing because I am at a similar level. 🙂 The guard gallos are a bit loud at night, but I am getting used to it, so it’s not much of a problem. And, no names for them. Hope you are doing well Julie! Thanks for being interested in my experience!

  3. Hola Rachael. Riobamba is muy hermoso. Me gusta mucho tus blogs. Clase de español es más dificil ahora. Our teacher, Ann, had a family emergency and will be gone 2 – 3 weeks. She will make up 2 classes later. Keep learning and enjoying yourself! Love your roosters:)

    • Hola Kathy! Is it so good to hear from you in Spanish! I am glad you are enjoying Ecuador via my blogs. 🙂 Keep up your learning and then you can come to Ecuador and speak Spanish! Take care.

  4. Hi Rachael!
    I loved the tour. Thank you for sharing. The peaches look huge, are they good? What does a bottle of Coke cost in Riobamba? The market looks like a fun place to explore.
    Why do the roosters not have names?

    • Shari . . . you made me laugh with your questions. You are so cute. 🙂 The peaches are NOT huge . . . maybe the size of a ping-pong ball. I guess the picture was deceiving. But, they are tasty. A bottle of soda is 80 centavos in most places. Except at a bar in Quito . . . they charged me $2.50! I got ripped off. And, as for the roosters, not sure why they don’t have names, but they are handsome, huh? I hope you are doing well . . . keep in touch, ok? I miss you.

  5. Wow, that is really cool. Thanks for the tour. The city actually looks very nice from the way that you presented it. Does Coke taste the same over there that it does here in the states?

    • Hi Roberto! The city is nice . . . however, because it is a city, there is trash and graffiti in most places. It is much better than Quito, but still present. As for a soda, I think Coca Cola Light tastes a little different than Diet Coke, but I like both. 🙂 There are only two stores that I’ve found that carry it . . . so I definitely have to seek it out. Thanks for the questions. Have a great week!

    • Good morning Jennifer! I am glad you enjoyed the pictures of Riobamba. As for the market . . . it’s literally right across the street from my school, so I could go daily if I choose to do so. Cool, huh?

  6. Hi Rachael, thanks for the tour, it was fun to get a sense of your life in your new home in Riobamba. Glad it seems your starting to settle in! Hope all is going well for you. I showed Susi this post as well and she wanted me to pass on the message that she really enjoyed seeing the photos and she knew things would go wonderfully for you in Riobamba, and to not forget her! She sends her best wishes and muchos abrazos!

    • Hi Rachel! It’s so great to hear from you and Susi. Thank you for your reply. Things are starting to settle in here, but it will definitely be better once I begin teaching. I went to observe some classes last night and really, really want to begin teaching! I will be patient though. I hope you are doing well. I miss you all! Take care.

  7. Wow, what a great tour, Rachael! The city you live in looks very cool. I am surprised that the streets look so empty, though. Was it early in the morning? Do you seen much American influence there? I am asking because when I visited Thailand, there were 7-Elevens, MacDonalds, and even a Dunkin Donuts place in Chiang Mai. Your school looks beautiful also. Do you know yet what grade level you will be teaching? My daughter, Ann, has begun her 2nd year in Thailand. This year she has a 2nd grade classroom with 11 (yes, I said 11) students. She is loving it. I am excited because she is coming home for a visit at Christmas. I love your blog!

    • Hello Emily! It is so great to hear from you! When I took the pictures, it was around 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. The city has about 200,000 people and while there are cars and taxis, many people walk. In Quito (2.5 million) there were more chain restaurants such as McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and more. Here, there is a Chili’s at the mall . . . which is apparently very expensive. As for my grade level in the school . . . I haven’t found out about the English level and times, but am very anxious to learn these things! I want to start teaching so badly! But . . . I need to be patient. Thanks again for reading. Keep in touch! 🙂

  8. So sad to have missed your big Skype debut (went home at noon with a sore throat – bah!) – your city looks amazing – reminds me of Guatemala – I have plenty of pillows so perhaps a south excursion is in my future 🙂 Glad to see you’re doing great and still enjoying a slice of Americana with that refreshment! Miss you around here!

    • Hi Leah! Thank you so much for your kind message today via Pam and for your comment here. I miss you guys too. We will definitely have to keep in touch, ok? And, I hope you are feeling a bit better. Take care of yourself.

  9. Hi, Rachael,
    Enjoyed scrolling through your blog entries. Henry liked the walking tour. Sounds like you’ve had a challenging and fascinating experience so far. We look forward to following your adventures.

    • Dearest Chappell Family . . . it is so great to hear from you all! Thanks for reading my posts . . . keep your eyes peeled for another in the near future! I hope everything is well for you in St. Louis!

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