A Letter to my Dog


Dear Hannah,hannah

Hello my little friend.  How are you?  I hope you are having a great time at Christina, Tom, and Ian’s house.  I know they are treating you well and I hear that you love to go on walks with them – even in the freezing cold weather!  In this letter, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my time in Ecuador and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. 🙂

Since I have been here, I have seen something that I think you will find very interesting.  Oftentimes, dogs get leftover food from lunch for their meals . . . you would LOVE this!  That would mean you would get meat, bread, rice, vegetables, and everything else!  Crazy, huh?  With that being said, however, I still believe that your dog food is the healthiest thing for you – even though your stomach may not want to agree.

Many people have asked me why I didn’t bring you to Ecuador with me.  Even though I walk a lot . . . Ecuador would not be a good place for you.  Cars honk a lot, cars drive very fast, the weather changes multiple times throughout the day, and there is very little grass for you to sniff.  Believe it or not, most dogs go to the bathroom on the sidewalk – which is not your favorite thing to do,  I know.  Also, I am gone from the house a lot each day.  In the mornings, I am usually gone for 3 hours to learn Spanish.  And in the afternoon/evening, I am gone for 7 to 8 hours.  That would leave me very little time to spend with you.  Plus, there are a lot of fireworks in Riobamba and I know the noise would scare you.  Even though I would love to see you, walk with you, and pet you, I still believe that coming to Ecuador without you was the wisest decision.  My heart doesn’t like that, but I will get to see you soon, okay?

playaListen to this!  I went for a run last week and a dog bit my pants leg!  Can you believe that?!?  I was just running by and he ran up and bit my pants!  I couldn’t believe it!  I know you would never do something that, right?  Plus, then I had a strange dog’s slobber on my pants . . . gross!

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the beach!  Here is a picture of some of the friends who were at the beach with me.  Their names are Matt and Sarah.  I bet you would like them because they’re really nice people to hang out with.  Sarah and I went swimming in the ocean and played in the waves.  The waves were HUGE that day and it was fun to learn how to swim under the waves to avoid getting knocked down in the ocean.  Next, I tried boogie-boarding.  It was a great afternoon!

As I mentioned earlier in this letter, I am trying to learn Spanish.  Maybe you could ask Christina, Tom, and Ian to teach you a few Spanish words too.  That way, when I return to the U.S., I can give you commands in Spanish and you’ll understand.  You’re up for some new learning, right?  It will keep you young.  Plus, I strongly believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Remember, I will be back in the U.S. at the beginning July.  I should be back for the Fourth of July, so we can celebrate Independence Day together.  In the meantime, know that I think of you often.   There are a lot of stray dogs here and whenever I see them, I always think of you and what a good friend you are to me.  Continue to have a great time in your new home and I will see you soon, ok?  Chao! (Hey – that can be your first Spanish word!  It means bye!)



(P.S. If you could write a letter to your pet – imaginary or real – what would you say?  Please write a comment to me!)


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  1. Absolutely adorable, Rachael. A letter to your dog. Glad to hear things are going well. We are neck deep in training for Team Living Water. We miss you!

  2. Hi Rachael,

    I would definitely tell Macy about my travels and what I have been up to. I would also probably send Macy pictures of me so she could see me and know that I was thinking about her. I would also probably skype Macy weekly. Haha, but you know I am a weirdo for my dog. 🙂

    I can’t believe that dog bit your pants. Were you scared?

    I miss you Rachael and I know that although it was a hard decision for you to not bring Hannah with you, it was the best for her. You are truly amazing to put your feelings aside and think only of hers.


    • Hello my friend Nicci! Thank you for continuing to be such a faithful blog follower. As for the dog biting my pants . . . I wasn’t scared because it happened so fast. But when I wrote about it today, it made me laugh. 🙂 Please give Macy a hug from me! Hasta luego!

  3. Your letter to Hannah truly broke my heart! I know how much you love her. I am such an animal lover, too. She will be so happy to see you in July! Her little tail will wag right off of her.

  4. So, so, so sweet. When I dog-sit for people I always write a letter to the parents. I mail it to them so they get it after they have returned. It sounds silly, but it is a fun way to let them know how things went and who doesn’t like a letter written from the point of view of a pet. I even emailed my son and daughter-in-law on their honeymoon from their dog to let them know how angry she was that they left her. hehe. Can’t wait to skype soon!

    • I love that you write a letter from the dog to the owners . . . that is so cute! Maybe Hannah will write me a letter one of these days. Have a super weekend and, yes, we will talk soon so I can learn about Ecuador from your students. 🙂

  5. I would tell her how wonderful she is and thank her for the pleasure that she brings me. I appreciate her unqualified love of me – she asks for nothing – and gives everything – a lesson in love.

  6. Rachael, I have not been such a good correspondent, but I couldn’t resist replying to this adorable communication with Hannah. I prayed for her to have a good home while you were gone! And she has one. You were so right and brave to leave her here. And you are so good to miss her in heartfelt ways without mourning away your best energies. What a vigorous life you are leading, and how good it is to think of you unfettered, enjoying an adventure that seems still to be new every day. I love you. Nancy

    • My friend Nancy . . . I love hearing from you. I hope this reply finds you well. Thank you for your comment. Yes, Hannah is having a great time and it is hard not to want to come home and scoop her up in my arms to love her. However, I trust that this is best right now and I am following God’s plan. Take care my good friend. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Love Rachael

  7. Hey Rach, mine would be a “goodbye” letter to both of my cats. I would wish them both the best of luck when (God willing) they move in with my daughter. Unfortunately, I don’t spend enough time at home to give them both the type of time and attention that they deserve. Right now they do great because Ang is still at home, but once she moves out the kitties will bored to death. I think they will get better attention living with Ang. Chao! 🙂

    • Hello Rob! Thanks for letting me know about you wanting to write a letter to your cats . . . how sweet. For them, I wish they could move out with your daughter, but apparently that is not the case right now, huh? With that being the situation, I hope you can give them lots of love, even if they are left alone for long periods of time. I am sure you are a wonderful caretaker for them. Take care my friend!

  8. Hey I have a dog now!
    Well, not exactly, but we live in the same place 🙂
    His name is Coco and is a chocolate Lab. I love to play with him… he`s a lot of fun and I feel like if he`s trying to protect me when I go out 🙂 he`s really cute. I think that`s what I would say to him in a letter… or maybe I would tell him about how dog`s in Guatemala play fetch with oranges and avocados hehe… I bet he would get excited about that 🙂 but I would also tell him about the poor dogs that barely get something to eat and that he is a privileged one.

    Take care Rachael! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂
    Miss you!

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