Mis Meses en Ecuador . . .


Hello there!  While I was out of town the past two weeks, I had an idea to write a post summarizing the events from my months in Ecuador thus far.  I thought it would be fun for me to reflect on my time here and hoped you might enjoy it too!  Here we go!

equatorIn September . . .

  • I arrived in Quito, Ecuador for my 10 month adventure of living and teaching abroad.
  • WorldTeach had orientation for 33 volunteers for four weeks to teach us about Ecuador and how to teach English.
  • four other volunteers and I rode the teleferico up to the top of a mountain in Quito.
  • my host mom, Susy, and I visited the equator and had a wonderful time!

In October . . .pajaro.1

  • I moved to Riobamba.
  • my host sister and I went to my first Ecuadorian soccer game.
  • another volunteer and I traveled to Manta and Isla de la Plata (the beach) and saw the famous Ecuadorian birds called Blue-Footed Boobies.
  • I took my first – of MANY – bus trips.
  • two other volunteers and I traveled to the city, Banos, for one day.

In November . . .

  • I started teaching my first English classes at my school, University of San Francisco.
  • my Spanish classes with my teacher, Cesar, began.

In December . . .chimborazo

  • I spent a few hours with friends from the U.S. in Quito.
  • some friends and I climbed part of the amazing volcano, Chimborazo.
  • I traveled to the U.S. to spend time with family and friends for Christmas and New Year’s.
  • I acted and danced in my first Spanish play – A Christmas Carol.

In January . . .

  • I began teaching new English classes.
  • I went to Esmeraldes (the beach) for a WorldTeach meeting.

dancingIn February . . .valentines day

  • my students celebrated Valentine’s Day.
  • I danced in my second Spanish play – Hawaiian Adventure.
  • I celebrated the Ecuadorian holiday of Carnaval.
  • three other volunteers and I visited Tena (the jungle) and went whitewater rafting.
  • I began feeling homesick and missed family and friends in the U.S. – a lot. 😦

robinsonIn March . . .

  • the students at my school decorated AMAZING Easter Eggs.
  • I had vacation time and took a cruise with my parents.
  • I felt very homesick and contemplated leaving Ecuador early to return to the U.S.  But then . . .
  • I found out that I would be returning to Robinson (the previous school where I taught) to teach fifth grade. 🙂

In April . . .bolones

  • I took a last minute trip with a friend to visit Cuenca (the sierra).
  • my Spanish teacher’s wife, Paty, taught me how to make bolones. (Here is a recipe!)  Yum!
  • I danced in 15 Latin American dances (with the other teachers) for the students at my school.
  • a student, friend and I went canyoning.  Check out this video.  Yikes!

galapagosIn May . . .

  • my friend and I visited the Galapagos for five, incredible days.
  • I visited Loja and Vilcabamba (the sierra).  Read about amazing Vilcabamba here.
  • I began my last teaching cycle and have 30 students – so far.  Yikes!sea lion

In June . . .

  • Oh yeah . . . I can’t write this one yet . . . but you can!
  • What are YOUR plans for June?  Reply to this post because I’d love to hear from you!
  • Plus, I’ll reply to you after reading your comment. 🙂

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  1. So good to read all your posts

    Finnegan is so loving skyping you!!!

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    • Hola Merilee! Thank you for taking the time to read the posts that I have written on my blog. I know there are A LOT! I have loved Skyping with the Robinson students this year and as you may or may not know, am very excited to return to Robinson next year! Have a wonderful day. See you soon!

  2. No one can accuse you of sitting around and eating bon bons! LOVED the pictures and videos. You are fearless girl. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing times with us. The views are stunning and I smiled constantly while watching them. I have one trip planned this June. I am traveling to San Fran to see my middle son get his Masters degree. Other than that, I will probably spend a lot of time with my new nieta, Keira, who is 6 weeks old. She’s a beauty.

    • Buenas tardes Kathy! It is so great to hear from you. And, it’s funny because I didn’t write the post to show how much I have done here, just for me to ponder about what has happened in my life over the months that I have been in Ecuador. On the other hand, I am excited to hear about your trip to California and your plans to spend a lot of time with little Keira. I would love to meet her someday too! Have a wonderful week and I look forward to keeping in touch when I return to the U.S. Take care Kathy!

  3. So when do you come back? In July? I didn’t realize you were in so many plays and dances while you were in Ecuador. Bravo! Possibly an encore performance once you get back to the states? Ahhh, June, wonderful June. The first part of June I have Youth Camp, then we celebrate Baptism at church on Father’s Day. The rest of the month (and summer) I plan to relax and recharge my batteries. I’m looking forward to it! Maybe read a good book, go on a few short vacations, and get the waverunner out on the water this summer! How about you?

    • Hello my friend! Happy Friday! You mentioned not knowing about my theater performances during my time in Ecuador . . . it was a surprise to me too. But, it has been really fun at the same time! I’ll tell you more when we catch up. Your plans for June sound wonderful! 🙂 As for my June, I have a meeting in Quito for a few days but otherwise, I will just be wrapping things up here – spending time with friends I have made and trying to develop some closure with my Ecuadorian life. That’s the hard part about leaving. 😦 It’s great to hear from you my friend and I look forward to seeing you regularly when I return! Have a great weekend!

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