¡Cuatro Años!


¿Hola?  ¿Are you still there?  You might have forgotten about me . . . or my time in Ecuador four years ago . . . but I’m still around and still LOVING Ecuador. 🙂

I recently returned from a trip to Ecuador and had an AMAZING time.  This was actually my third (!) trip to Ecuador since I came back in July of 2013.  This time, however, I am remembering to post some pictures from my most recent trip since some people have shown interest in discovering this amazing country along with me.

During my most recent trip, I must tell you that I feel like my experience included the best of both worlds in Ecuador.  I had the opportunity to visit Quito for a few day and then transitioned to Milagro for a few days.  That means I was able to visit the capital (Quito) with cooler weather, mountains, and a busy city and then headed to the coast (Milagro) with warmer weather, amazing seafood, and beaches.

So . . . whether this updated post comes to you as a surprise or you were waiting . . . I hope you enjoy seeing a few photos from Ecuador!


Quito is the capital city of Ecuador with a population of about 3 million people and an altitude of about 9,300 feet.

In Quito, my friend has an apartment with this AMAZING view!

Sarah also has a cat name Filomeno . . . I nicknamed him Phil! 🙂

Near Quito, we took the Teleferiqo . . . a gondola lift that takes you from about 10,000 feet to about 13,000 feet near the base of Pichincha Volcano.

This is what you see when you first take off on the Teleferiqo – how welcoming!

Sarah and I began our hike to summit Pichincha Volcano (15,000 feet). It’s waaaaaay off in the distance, with the top covered in clouds.

As we hiked, we paused to take a photo . . . as you can tell, it got a bit chilly along the way. (FYI . . . we did NOT make it to the top . . . we took a wrong path and got a little lost . . . we still had fun though!)

We visited the Quilotoa Volcano . . . which is AMAZING because of the water-filled crater in the middle.

Um . . . at the top, it was SUPER cold and windy – as you can tell my by DRAMATIC hood!

If you look closely, you can see a hiking path from the top of the volcano to the bottom. Of course, we had to hike it! It was a bit tough though since it is only a sand-covered path.

Fortunately, it began to warm up along the way as we hiked down – as you can tell since my hood is down. (P.S. Remember how I said the hiking path was sand . . . check out my shoes.  They are the ABSOLUTE WORST shoes to hike in . . . I suppose I could have planned better, huh?)

And . . . it got warmer. 🙂

At the bottom, Jairo (Sarah’s boyfriend) and I enjoyed some snacks and a little break before hiking all the way UP to the top.

At the bottom of the volcano there were also opportunities to buy food – such as grilled plantains!  I simply LOVE for others to see the culture of Ecuador in photos like this.

Then . . . I surprised them by jumping into their photo.


Milagro is a costal city in Ecuador on the western side of the country and has a population around 180,000.  Milagro is the Spanish word for miracle. 

Welcome to Milagro, Ecuador! Milagro is known for having amazing pineapples, hence the pineapple statue in the city.  (P.S. It even lights up at night and is super cool!)

While we were on the beach, we had the opportunity to drink coconut water and eat the “meat” from the fruit as well. Talk about fresh – yum!

Here is another view of the beach in Ecuador and the busy things happening all around us – music and conversation . . . and even horses to rent!

One evening in Milagro, we went to the mall to see Cars 3 – in Spanish, of course.

Thanks for checking out the photos from my most recent visit to Ecuador.  As you can see, it is a BEAUTIFUL country and I feel incredibly fortunate to have friends there to visit and enjoy.  Until next time . . . hasta luego!



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  1. Thank you, Rachael! I loved your blog years ago and it was wonderful to get an update from your most recent trip. You have such an adventuresome spirit and are so culturally aware. I love that about you! Your kindness and friendliness resonates from you wherever you go. I am so happy that you had a fabulous trip – well deserved, I might add.

  2. Hi Rachel! So glad you got to go back to Ecuador and I’m glad you are doing well. We miss you in the condo building! Leo, Cora, and Marilyn all say hi! -Benita

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